Welcome to Vorhut Figure Painting. Be sure to check out my gallery here.


I have been painting wargames figures since 1975 and my style has evolved as my interest in different periods, armies, scales and genres has developed.

My painting technique is a black undercoat and dry brush method applying highlights as required. I use Humbrol enamels, acrylic paints and oils depending on colour and finish required.

The Gallery of photographs of my figures, models and terrain demonstrate my painting style across the range. Examples of various figures and scales, vehicle models and scratch built terrain from various angles including rear views are included.

The photographs show my own wargames armies and many sample/one-off/experimental figures and units.

Contact Details

Email: vorhut@westnet.com.au
Web: www.vorhut.com.au
Phone and Facsimle: +61 (0)8 99642237
Mobile: +61 (0)4 00343711
Postal Address: Vorhut Figure Painting, PO Box 556, Geraldton, WA 6531, Australia