My interest and involvement in wargaming started in 1975 in the UK. I was actively involved in clubs until moving to country Western Australia in 1983. Limited access to other gamers meant that I continued my hobby as a solo gamer for many years. More recently I have been able to enjoy regular games again.

I currently game in a variety of periods and scales these being:
6mm — WW1, WW2 and Modern.
15mm — Ancient, Dark Ages, Medieval, Renaissance, Seven Years War and Colonial
20mm — WW2.
25-28mm — Warhammer 40k and Mordheim (thanks to my son) and Lord of the Rings.

I use mail order and the occasional visit to Perth for the purchase of figures and models and have over the years improved both my painting techniques and scratch building skills for terrain and the occasional hard to find, too expensive or not commercially produced model.

Contact Details

Phone and Facsimle: +61 (0)8 99642237
Mobile: +61 (0)4 00343711
Postal Address: Vorhut Figure Painting, PO Box 556, Geraldton, WA 6531, Australia